Montreal Film Journal Montreal Film Journal is a web journal publishing independant movie reviews since 1998. en-ca Somewhere 11/26/2010 Kevin Laforest Even though it's ostensibly about ennui (like every Sofia Coppola flick), that's not an excuse for it being so damn dull. (KL) Burlesque 11/26/2010 Kevin Laforest It falls very flat when it was clearly aiming for busty. (Joe Belanger) Faster 11/22/2010 Kevin Laforest An action thriller that, while flawed, still reminds us that, if he really wanted to, The Rock could still become the next Schwarzenegger. (KL) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 11/21/2010 Kevin Laforest Director David Yates has outdone himself this time out. (Joe Belanger) Morning Glory 11/12/2010 Kevin Laforest Pretty pleasant and often pretty funny. (Joe Belanger) For Colored Girls 11/6/2010 Kevin Laforest Despite the title, its emotional impact should translate to anyone capable of feeling, period. (Joe Belanger) Due Date 11/5/2010 Kevin Laforest Just like so much of Todd Phillipsís past work, the antics are all too often just plain stupid instead of stupidly hilarious. (Joe Belanger) Saw 3D 11/5/2010 Kevin Laforest It has got plenty of vomit inducing brutality to satisfy anyone looking for that. (Joe Belanger) Hereafter 10/24/2010 Kevin Laforest While all reasonably compelling separately, their plights never come together, which leaves the film feeling cold and detached. (Joe Belanger) Enter the Void 10/17/2010 Kevin Laforest At his best, Gaspar Noť is so far ahead of everyone else that Enter the Void remains an absolute must-see, as flawed and exhausting as it can be. (KL) Nowhere Boy 10/16/2010 Kevin Laforest Allows us to draw our own conclusions about what made the man that would become a legend rather than do all the drawing for us. (Joe Belanger) It's Kind of a Funny Story 10/13/2010 Kevin Laforest It isnít even that funny. It tries to be, and on occasion it can be, but the reason it isnít is pretty simple. It shouldn't be. (Joe Belanger) Never Let Me Go 10/7/2010 Kevin Laforest A sad, beautiful, thought-provoking picture that works on many different levels. (KL) A Letter to Elia 10/4/2010 Kevin Laforest As much, if not more about Scorsese as it is about Kazan. (KL) Let Me In 10/3/2010 Kevin Laforest It never manages to give any reason for its existence other than to make it more accessible for audiences uninterested in subtitles. (Joe Belanger) The Social Network 9/30/2010 Kevin Laforest Easily ranks as one of the best films of 2010, and David Fincher's best work this side of Fight Club and Se7en. (KL)